BOOK LAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENT: Sexy, Self Employed & Suicidal: The Secret Lives Of Female Entrepreneurs

Coming 2020: The book that changes everything you thought you knew about women’s work in the modern age.


“If you work hard enough and want it badly enough, you can have it all.

This message has been repeated so often, by so many people, through so many mediums, I thought it was the capital T truth; just How Things Are.

In 2016, female owned businesses around the globe were started at a rate double that of men. On the surface and online, surging self employment for women is good news, a story that makes headlines and serves to further reinforce the idea that equality is here and feminism has won.

The story of the female entrepreneur echoes the underdog who has risen to glory.

A captivating tale, like a car crash, it’s hard to look away. Against the example set by the staggering financial success of the Kardashian empire, her days are meticulously documented on social media, her palette - millennial pink. Her narrative is inspiring, one where women like her steer their own course; demanding and manifesting their own destinies. They balance children and fitness and husbands and homes, all in impeccable hair & makeup.  Their foreheads are as smooth as peeled eggs and their eyes are wide with the secrets they hold. “You can have it all and be it all” they crow. 

And indeed, these women hold a discerning a set of preferences. Starting businesses for work life balance and a flexible schedule, these ladies prefer not to miss yoga. These women find, nay! MAKE the time for blow-outs and blow-jobs and blowing through their limiting beliefs and projected quarterly revenues. They make it look easy. It’s a great story with a happy ending.

Too bad it’s false. The truth of the matter is, being female and self employed in 2019 is anything but easy. It can actually be a serious threat to a girl’s life.”

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Laurel Anne Stark