Why did I pivot from marketing into mentoring?

Since 2003, my clients have known me as their web or social media girl.

And fair enough.

With over a decade experience in web development, SEO, social, video and email marketing strategy, campaign design and execution with my business The New Media Group, I'd built myself a reputation.

What I noticed though, is that no matter how amazing the marketing I created with my clients, marketing wasn’t enough.

Some of the folks I worked with had seriously disorganized calendars - they were missing out on thousands because they forgot to ship orders or follow up with their wholesalers.

Some of them were dealing with crippling depression, founder’s anxiety and impostor syndrome,

Others had no idea how much they were making or what their profit margins were.

Others couldn’t grow because they couldn’t get reliable staff

Still other clients hadn’t diversified their offerings so they were extremely vulnerable to the whims of the market - or one big client.

Others still were crippled by bottlenecks in their organization - because they were operating without proper policies and methods of delegating and distribution of workload and workflow.

I hated that I couldn’t help them through the struggles I’d been through. As a self taught self employed person, I had to learn a tremendous amount of skills beyond marketing to survive. I’d spent at least 100,000 over 16 years on coaches, mentors, classes, courses, books, counsellors, programs and more - so I could:

  • Have a diversified cash flow of 7 different income streams

  • Work part time for double the income I’d been making in the early 2000’s

  • Detach my business from a specific location so I could work from wherever I wanted

  • Overcome burnout, bankruptcy and breakdown associated with my work hard - play hard lifestyle and lack of experience in business for myself.

  • Transition from work that stressed me out, to work I feel deeply honoured and satisfied doing

So, in 2016 I began volunteering as a mentor with the Women’s Enterprise Centre . I suspected I’d been coaching and mentoring as part of my work anyway, but I wanted to ensure I had the proper training and expertise.

The Women’s Enterprise Centre provided me with training and guidelines and I volunteer mentored for a tear before I started offering it as a paid service.

Then, in 2017, I launched The Rising Tide, my top rated self employed success program. where in six modules, I taught everything I wish I’d known before I started.

Attendees reported transformative results, and the rest is history.

I still run The Rising Tide.

I also mentor people one on one.

And now I feel like I can use the entirety of my skills and training to provide better value for my clients.

Curious about Mentoring? Click to book a meeting with me.

The feedback has been incredible.

I have clients taking home THOUSANDS more per month than they were when we started.

And that’s just the beginning of the transformations!

Curious about Mentoring? Click to book a meeting with me.

Laurel Anne Stark