Get Your Free Ticket & Join Me For Business On The Beach In Mexico This Fall

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“Oh you’re like one of those people on instagram!”

The lady sitting next to me on the plane said, after I told her my office was at my feet, tucked under the seat in front of me in my carry on bag.

“You’re so lucky!”

I agree.

Being able to work from anywhere has certainly improved the quality of my life.

I’ve had travel fever since my first backpacking trip in Costa Rica in University.

Working from my laptop and cellphone, as long as I have wifi and cell service has allowed me to roam all over the globe; from within Canada and the States to as far as Scotland, Mexico, and even Australia.

If you’ve been curious about how to take your work remote, or how to get work that will allow you to work and travel, you won’t want to miss the Playapreneurs Summit.

This October 2019, join me in stunning Playa Del Carmen (45 min drive south of the Cancun, MX airport) for the Playapreneurs Summit, a month conference that’s all about being a digital nomad.

Packed with events designed to help you connect, learn and grow your digital nomad business, you’ll meet hundreds of new friends & learn all about the digital nomad lifestyle.

I am so excited to be included on the panel on Mental Wellness, Tuesday October 15th 7pm-10pm at Nest Coworking.

What makes the Playapreneurs Summit such an amazing opportunity for business owners, entrepreneurs and those curious about working remotely?

#1. Tickets to the conference are free. This keeps it accessible to everyone - regardless of budget.

#2. Business write-off anyone? If you’ve been looking for a way to get away, and pay less, consider that some portion of your travel and accommodation may be considered a business expense. (I am not an accountant, so you may want to check with yours first)

#3. Build Your Community! Ready to meet 100 of your new best friends? Meet digital nomads, remote workers, startup founders and more - all over tacos or during the many panels, workshops and events.

#4. Learn New Tools & Skills. Each week there are multiple opportunities to attend panels and offsite events that will contribute to your personal and business development.

#5. Work Remotely, Adventure with Company. Sponsored by Nest Coworking - which has reliable, first world fast internet and Adventurely, an app that connects solo travellers for adventuring with company, you’ll get to experience the elusive work-life balance that everyone is talking about.

Why Playa Del Carmen?

Just a 45 min drive south of the Cancun International Airport, Playa Del Carmen is situated in the stunning Mayan Riveria, on the Caribbean side of Mexico.

Playa has a wonderful combination of first world amenities (think multiple Walmarts, 5 Star Spas and even a Sephora) as well as an authentic and beautifully warm Mexican & Mayan community.

BONUS - it’s all happening beach side.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that last year I spent from December - January in Playa, in an air bnb a 10 min drive from the beach (or a 40 min bike ride).

Once I got settled in, I honestly felt safer in Playa than I would have in many big Canadian and US cities.

If you want me to keep you in the loop about any events I'll be attending, presenting or facilitating, drop me your contact info HERE

This includes Taco nights, trips to Tulum, Workshops on the beach and more!

I’ll be on the ground in Playa for the entire month of October / the entire Playapreneuers conference!

Click here for more info on the conference

Laurel Anne Stark