Is Low Confidence Costing You Your Dreams?

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You know that feeling when what you're wearing is perfect?

You feel like a million bucks... because it fits just right...there's no riding up here, or too tight there. 

None of that hitching and pulling that really takes away from your ability to strut your stuff.

The right outfit can really impact your confidence, in a good way!

Do you ever notice people that have the same or bigger limitations than you think you have, strutting their stuff in "braver" clothes or better paying jobs?

They're coming out as writers or starting businesses or increasing their prices or selling everything and moving to Mexico.


They're doing the stuff you dream of, but for some reason feel too timid to make happen.

There's only one difference between you and them.


Yup.  They believe in themselves and their abilities, so, they're seizing the day, the moment, the opportunity.

Do you wish you had that kind of confidence?

Are you sick of watching other people go after what you want, while you stay put?

Do you want to increase your belief in your own abilities?

I was just wondering, because I couldn't help but notice you haven't snagged your seat in The Conjuring Room yet.

I wanted you to know, I designed this virtual retreat  specifically to help talented people like you shed the stories that keep you small and instead - embrace the confidence to strut your stuff - right into the dreams you've been longing for. 

You'll get the straight goods, girlfriend to girlfriend style, over thirteen weeks. We'll be doing the inner work that really works to shift you from wall flower to standing in your power. 

The result? 

You'll Re-emerge this fall; brighter, more confident, more powerful, more purposeful. (and that leads to more profitable :-)

You might finally ask for that raise, start that business or book that flight. You might even feel like your biggest dreams are meant to be your reality.

You'll feel brighter, stronger and braver. Like anything is possible.

Wouldn't that be amazing?

And you can have it for less than the price of a handful of counselling sessions; you could consider it an wise investment in yourself.

Your seat in The Conjuring Room is just $333 (or $111 a month) when you join with a friend.

Snag your seat and claim your worth now.

To your success and self worth!

Laurel Anne Stark