The Conjuring Room - Doors Are OPEN!

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I couldn't sleep last night I was SO excited to launch this new program.

There are so many talented people in the world who lack the confidence to make their dreams a reality.  And although confidence is extremely helpful for success, or even a requirement, it can be hard to find out how to get more!

That's why I created The Conjuring Room.

It's a 13 week virtual retreat to work on that very thing. Self worth, confidence, a better relationship with asking, receiving and deserving. All for less than a few counselling sessions. 

It's based on my own journey; what I've learned and what's worked for me over 15 years of entrepreneurship, 3 different iterations of my business and just about 7 years in recovery. 

And - I'm offering a $111 discount for you and a friend if you register together :-)

The doors are open - spots are limited - register now.

Laurel Anne Stark