A few quick ideas and life hacks to keep burnout at bay and productivity on high:

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If you’re thinking…

“I started my business to do things differently. To take control and create a life and business on my own terms…. to have more freedom, wealth, impact and enjoyment. NOT to feel trapped in a “job” with more risk, more stress, and less peace of mind and freedom than ever!”

In my work with clients across all sectors, all of them small business owners, I keep hearing the same things.

  • Most are busy

  • Most are stressed

  • Most have anxiety

  • Most feel overwhelmed

  • Many worry about the future

  • Some do not take adequate time for themselves

  • Many place work as their top priority.

  • Most don’t seem very happy or healthy.

I’d believed that this was just the way the cookie crumbles, the nature of the job. When you sign up to start your own gig, sacrifices must be made.

And I know as well, from personal experience.

I started my first gig as an entrepreneur at 23. I’ve never worked so hard in my life.

80 hour weeks were normal and I survived the first 7 years as an entrepreneur by filling my body with alcohol and caffeine (depending on what time of day it was.)

I am here to tell you, you, more than anyone need to be vigilant about your health.

We know the correlation between chronic stress on our bodies.

The tricky thing is, sometimes, without even knowing it, our businesses can start to suck.

Literally suck the happiness, energy and joy from us.

We can find ourselves working long hours (60-80 hours a week), always connected via our smart phones and under constant pressure to perform, pay the bills and deliver for clients.

Slowly, anxiety, stress and depression can become chronic and it can be harder and harder

Somewhere in there, our happiness falls on the back burner.  And with it our health.

What started off as an act of taking your power back and creating the life and business you wanted, ends up being worse than a job.

Longer hours, more stress, less security, less pay. Stress, anxiety and depression can slowly erode your quality of life and it’s important to address it.

While you’re taking care of business, who’s taking care of you?


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Laurel Anne Stark