Could you use more float for your boat?

I've heard from so many of you this week that are sick of the confusion, lack of confidence and wasted time that can so often be a part of the entrepreneurial journey.

I hear you. I'm here for you.

Whatever floats your boat - whatever you want from being self employed - I want more than anything to support you in achieving it.

Whether that's

  • generating passive income so you can start a family
  • to quit trading your health for your wealth
  • getting out of the corporate gig you're currently in
  • changing the world for the better 
  • travelling the world 

or all of the above - business mentoring is proven to help self employed businesses thrive. 

A recent study found the results of business mentoring have far greater impacts than we'd imagined:

think 5x more revenue...


Stats: MicroMentor

Stats: MicroMentor

And that's just for starters.

If your business isn't floating your boat yet, than I invite you to consider joining me in The Rising Tide group mentoring program

You'll get the support, direction, training, tools, encouragement and proven guidance to build a business that really works for you.

Registration is open for one more week

Make 2018 the year you rise,

To your success!


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Laurel Anne Stark