I Have A Dream - Why I March For Women's Rights

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I have a dream:

Where women are paid equally for equal work - in all countries - not just Iceland.

Where the #1 biggest activity online - by a HUGE margin - IS NOT objectifying, degrading and often violent sexual acts towards women.

Where women aren’t further reduced to mere objects by our mainstream media, advertising and cultural norms.

Where we aren’t called bitches, as a matter of course.

Where woman inhabit an equitable % of leadership positions in private and public sectors.

Where women aren’t discriminated against based on their age, weight or “attractiveness”.

Where women don’t have to worry about sexual harassment or sexual assault in the workplace or anywhere else.

"Where woman have enough confidence in our policing and legal systems to speak up when they’re assaulted."

Where women aren’t more desirous of losing 10lbs than achieving any other goal.

Where TEN year olds are not worried about being fat.

Where women don’t feel they need to spend 25-50% of their disposable income on their appearance.

Where woman are judged by what we do or say more than what we look like

Where we are valued and respected as humans, as people, at work, in society and at home.

Where we don’t need to choose between botox or obsolescence.

Where women aren’t taxed on products to manage their menstrual cycle.

Where our reproductive rights aren’t up for debate - by anyone!

Where women are valued for their femininity; their nurturing, empathetic, collaborative, intuitive, emotive qualities.

"Where women aren’t subject to commentary about their bodies - from anyone."

Where the President of the US isn’t a misogynist and admittedly abusive to women.

Where missing & murdered aboriginal women aren’t in the thousands.

I march for my daughter, my nieces, my sisters, my aunties, my mother, my grandmothers

.I march for the women who cannot safely resist oppression, degradation, abuse and violation of their basic human rights.

For these and hundreds of other reasons, I march for women’s rights.

Laurel Anne StarkComment