Make Space

Is it time for you?

The Conjuring Room may be for you if:

You feel uncomfortable asking for money, marketing yourself or taking up space 

You generally put yourself last on your priority list and accept what you're given without negotiating

You usually avoid conflict and saying no.  You may stay in situations that don't serve you a little too long

You may be relying on caffeine, sugar, alcohol or cigarettes to ward off exhaustion

You look successful externally, but you struggle with feeling confident and fulfilled internally

You're ready to pay attention to the persistent feeling there must be more to life than this

You don't know how exactly how to get to more, or what that looks like, but you're ready to find out. 

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who is this for?

Anyone who wants a better relationship with self, worth. work, wanting and wealth. 

At some point the outer work isn't enough. 

The degree or accomplishments, the finished checklists just leave you cold.

You may feel like you're supposed to be doing something different with your career; or maybe you're in transition and you're feeling a little unanchored.

At any rate, something's missing, and you can't quite put your finger on it.

And really, how could you figure it out, with your busy schedule?

You need space to sort things out, to find out how you really feel... to let go of what no longer serves you and evolve into the next phase.

Renewed, refreshed and with a reinvigorated sense of purpose, worth, clarity and confidence. 

This could be the summer everything changes.

July 2018. Make space for you



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About Laurel:

15 years of self employment,
7+ years in recovery

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Laurel Anne Stark is an entrepreneur, mentor, and acclaimed author and speaker.

The founder of The New Media Group: a digital marketing agency, Laurel has been supporting women and men in the workplace since 2003 through her courses, one on one work, speaking engagements and regular YouTube Videos. 

Laurel has been featured on CNN, CTV and Laurel is also a nominee at The Woman of Influence, RBC 26th Annual Entrepreneur Awards.

Laurel is also woman in long term recovery, which means she's been sober from all mind altering substances since 2011.



In her recovery journey she's dedicated thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars to learning healing modalities through reading, workshops, counsellors and retreats.  Laurel has subsequently had hands on experience in  transforming her inner relationship with self, worth, work, wanting and wealth. As a direct result of this work, she's rebuilt a sustainable, wildly enjoyable and profitable career.

For the first time she's sharing what she's learned about transforming self, worth, work, wanting and wealth, in The Conjuring Room. 

A prequel to her forthcoming book, The Conjuring Room brings to life the kinds of practices and perspectives that are life changing.

This summer, make space for you.



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