My Story: Laurel Anne Stark

My Big Why.


My journey as an entrepreneur has in many ways been one of growing up.

I became self employed in my early twenties and never looked back.

Completely self-taught, I learned by doing, making mistakes and course correcting.

As such, I've got many hard won lessons I hope to pass on to the people I work with.

"I started from the bottom, now I'm here..."

I moved to a new city with only $350 to my name and one contact, where my first job was working on a construction site for $9/hr.

I left that city 12 years later with my own six figure business. 

Clearly, I learned some things about being in business for myself.

"I am a person in long term recovery..."

I've experienced two major health crises in my life; the first at 30 when I learned my "work hard, play hard" mantra was doing me some serious harm and that I needed to break up with alcohol. The second, many years later, when I finally hit burnout. 

My health problems caused me to look at the way I was living and working, and make some major adjustments.

I used to regularly work 80 hour weeks. I'd be up 'til 3am working. I didn't really sleep or eat well. I was in reaction mode most of the time.

Culturally, that's the "Rise and Grind" myth of the path to entrepreneurial glory. 

For me I see it as a really dysfunctional way to operate. Looking back at myself at 3am, I needed to have a better business model, better boundaries, better systems for efficiency and a focus on profits rather than sales. I needed to have some more respect for my basic needs. There's a million lessons I learned the hard way. 

I want the people I work with to shave years off their learning curve. save themselves from getting sick.

Now I practice what I preach, a sustainable approach to work that is structured based on over 15 years learning best practices, good habits and great systems. 

I believe that together, and with the right tools and approach, we don't need to choose between success in business and maintaining our health.