Are you sick of doing it all yourself?

Business is better with friends!

If you're opening this on your phone, in your not so clean track pants, or from your car after your fourth meeting today - listen up.

Running your own business shouldn't be:

  • Running you ragged

  • Compromising your hygiene & isolating you from the world

  • Damaging to your self esteem & mental & physical health.

Yet - that's where so many of us find ourselves:

  • Working stupid LONG hours

  • For TOO LITTLE money

  • Doing work that we DO NOT love

  • Knowing it could be BETTER but unsure how to get there.

We know the business failure rate is ... most businesses.

You may know what it takes to stay alive.
But here's what sucks about that...

If you've been working so hard on surviving that you don't have time to think about creating a business where you can thrive.

What's HEARTBREAKING about this, is not that it's so freaking common.

But that it's 100% avoidable.

Too many small business owners do it alone, when it's better with support.

Specifically, the friends you'll make in The Rising Tide Group Mentoring Program. Where we take you from surviving to thriving in just six months.

You get:

  • World Class Training

  • Encouragement & Validation

  • Accountability & Feedback

  • Resources, Templates & Tools

  • Guidance & Answers

  • Systems & Structure

  • Community & Mentorship

Most importantly - you walk away knowing exactly what to do (and what to STOP doing ) every single day to make more money, work less and feel better.

For a lot less than you'd think!

Check it out:

PS. Spots are limited and the doors close in ONE week. So you wanna snag your seat ASAP.

Make this the year everything changes.

Exploding high fives,


Laurel Anne Stark