How To ACTUALLY get stuff done

How To Actually Get Stuff Done ✅ 

Whether it's making more money, working less or getting healthy, the principles of success are the same.

--If you're sick of hating yourself for not having willpower
--If you're overwhelmed by the amount of books, classes and courses you're in the middle of
--If you just want to get GOING and Actually hit your goals this year

LIVE on the drive home I share with you:
--Why most people have given up on their new year's resolutions by now
--Why it's totally normal to be spinning your wheels if you're relying on willpower
--What we usually do instead of changing


How to quit beating yourself up, procrastinating and making excuses. Instead take action, get stuff done and make 2018 the year you rise.

What are you going to create in 2018?
What tip did you like best?

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Laurel Anne Stark