Because we haven't figured out cloning yet ; hiring and managing people

Because they haven’t figured out cloning yet. 😿

If you're sick of doing it ****all**** yourself in your business, or, you're having trouble with staff that don't deliver, keep reading! 

Expanding your business usually means bringing on more people to help with the workload. And that can mean huge headaches and conflicts!

(Unless you’ve got the tools and techniques that work)

Today, live on the drive I shared my experiences managing 15+ people, how I SERIOUSLY effed this up and then learned: 

1- how to figure out what to delegate - and what work YOU should be doing ✅ 
2- how to get FREE advertising with this super fun job posting style✅ 
3- the WORST way to manage someone and what to do instead ✅(don't make the same mistakes I did) 
4- how to solve conflicts with people you’ve hired ✅ 
5- how to delegate so stuff ACTUALLY gets done ✅ 
6- what to do when the people you’re paying aren’t doing what you need them to ✅
7 - how to be a leader instead of a manager and build lasting relationships with your team ✅


What’s your managing or hiring pet peeve?
What tool from this live on the drive will you use?


If you want to learn more about growing your business in a way that supports your WEALTH and your HEALTH (yes, that means sanity, satisfaction and stress reduction as well as profits, purpose and play) 

Self Employement Success programs are launching this Spring. Register now and I will send you a free copy of both *expectations vs. agreements and the quarterly staff review template* 

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Laurel Anne Stark