Self employed since 2003, Laurel provides encouragement, accountability, expertise and support to the entrepreneurs she mentors.

If you're ready to commit the time and energy to building or rebuilding your business, to truly serve you, than it's possible you'll get a lot out of working with me one on one.

I've been told I help my clients shave years and thousands off their learning curve.

I work with creative, passionate and talented women and men who need support moving to the next level.

I bring a unique blend of compassion, empathy and support with concrete, proven skills and tools to help you advance in your business. 

You bring your focus, attention, time and dedication.

Together we work to make your business goals a reality.

Mentoring Reviews:

"Laurel has a way of finding my biggest blocks and helping me release or shift them. I started chatting with Laurel a couple years ago and despite my best efforts to disappear, she found me and dragged me out of my comfort zone to confront what was holding me back with my business.

In the short time we’ve been working together with her as my business mentor I have become aware of a major block and I am working on confronting it.

Laurel has a way of finding and seeing my gift when I can’t, and with her help I am working harder and seeing it more too. Eternally grateful to Laurel for her belief in me and her support."

Girl Power!!! ❤️


Freja Jean Wilkie


Puck Clothing.

“Laurel's mentoring services are excellent. I'm so happy have found a strong woman to mentor me as I transition into this industry. She gives truly personal, tailored advice and has great industry insights. I hired her last year to advise me on adding SEO services to my agency. I immediately implemented her plan, and it has lead to my most profitable quarter yet.
It allowed me to fast-track my new services, and cut straight through the trial-and-error period. I'm happy, and so are my clients. Thank you Laurel!"

Emer Kelly
Founder / Creative Director
Mighty Tiny

"As a business owner do you ever feel you should know, or people assume you know, getting yourself to a point where you feel too embarrassed to ask for help with the fundamentals?

That's exactly where I was. For nine years I've been the owner of a landscape design company, but I hit a point where it just wasn't growing and I wasn't able to bring in the new customers I wanted. My questions revolved around how to take on bigger projects, essentially becoming the project manager. Things like markup with trades, contracts, timeframes, how to present to the client. Not only was I given answers and frameworks on how to apply this knowledge, Laurel gave me so much more. Including assignments, accountability and the most helpful, sharing her own experiences.

Sitting across from someone who isn't afraid to share their own failures and successes made it seem all human. Turns out we all start somewhere. My next chapter in business has started by asking Laurel for her help. I look forward to a continued working relationship with Laurel and continued growth in my company."

Glen Nyhus
Glen Nyhus Creations

 Laurel is currently mentoring women business owners through the  Women's Enterprise Centre , as well as privately. 

Laurel is currently mentoring women business owners through the Women's Enterprise Centre, as well as privately. 

Mentoring Programs:

A Package For Every Situation:


project work:

Dazzle Them:  

If you have a specific project; a portfolio, presentation or opportunity you need support with, I am available to help you on a per project basis.


We'll meet once a week, I'll keep you accountable to deliverables, and provide advice and encouragement as well review/edit/proof your work, up to a maximum of eight hours of my time.


$1300 / paid weekly over eight weeks.


"Laurel gets my highest recommendation as a coach and project manager. 

She was very professional, organized and committed to helping me reach my goal of competing an in depth and time consuming portfolio that I was struggling to start on my own. I was in a time crunch as my portfolio was due in a couple of months and I had already used my allotted time extensions. 

Immediately, she took the time understand the details of the portfolio requirements, the time I had left to submit and what needed to be done and drafted a project time line with deliverables and check ins.  She set up weekly check in sessions to ensure I was on track and to provide support and coaching when I felt like I was stuck in the writing process.  She was extremely encouraging, professional and supportive throughout the whole process.   

She brought a different point of view to my portfolio, was my sounding board while I worked through some stumbling blocks, and provided solid and useful feedback on my writing.  Her organizational skills helped me eminency to complete a high quality portfolio that was submitted on time and in the correct format. 

I wished I had worked with Laurel sooner, as I would have saved myself a lot of time, stress and frustration. "

Colleen Plunkett

One on One Mentoring Programs:

Rise and Shine Program:  

Ideal for those just starting out, or those who want to go from stalled to rolling.


4 month intensive; you and me, sleeves rolled up, working together to get your schedule, priorities, offers, online presence and day to day hustle nailed.

It's part strategy, part dream boarding, part hard work.

It's the support, structure and skills you need to get to the next level in your business.

You get:

  • Introduction Session 90 mins

  • Space to ascertain:

    • Where you're going

    • Who you serve

    • What's in place

    • What's missing

    • What success looks like for you

    • What isn’t working

    • What is working

  • Weekly "Working On Your Business" exercises

  • One hour phone call / check-in, four times a month where we track progress, discuss obstacles and you get dedicated support from Laurel Anne Stark



$208 / week for four months.


"Laurel has helped me take years off my learning curve by avoiding a long drawn out "trial and error" until you perfect it. Thus saving me thousands of dollars in training and time spent researching online"

Shannon Hickey, Founder Dollar Dame Inc.


One on One Mentoring Programs:

Bright Horizons Program:  

For those who want to deepen or are in transition. Here we get clear on what's working and what isn't, where you want to go, and what needs to go before you can get there.


This program is for you if you're making money and by all accounts you're successful, but your eyes are on the horizon; wondering what's next.

You've got systems and structure, profits and purpose, but there isn't yet the space for your next iteration to blossom.

Here we get clear on what's working and what isn't, where you want to go, and what needs to go before you can get there.

Together we create the space in your life for better health, your dream home, your legacy, your expansion, your pivot. Change can be hard, but stagnation can be worse. 

You get:

  • Introduction Session 90 mins

  •  Space to ascertain:

    • What’s working

    • What isn’t working

    • What’s possible

    • What feels right

    • What’s next

  • Weekly journal prompts and self assessment exercises

  • One hour phone call / check-in, four times a month where we track progress, discuss obstacles and you get dedicated support from Laurel Anne Stark

  • Quarterly deep dives (2 hrs) to reassess

  • Unlimited text and email support / access to resources

  • 2 hours a month of consulting/deliverable work: writing, editing, web work or whatever I can help you build.

Investment: $324 / week for six months.

One of the best investments you can make:

Invest in yourself & reap the rewards:  

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